Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Using Greeting Cards!

O my gosh, I missed blogging yesterday for the 7Th....sorry! I created the most "fun" greeting cards yesterday for my daughter's two teachers who are leaving the school on the 15Th...;( Random acts of kindness is a special way to reach out your hand, and give to others. Boy, just think if we did that more in our lives everyone can be enlightening! I send out greeting cards to perfect strangers. And for the most part it is very rewarding. You heard of giving out to the universe comes back to you 100 fold. And it does. The response others give to me are so warm hearted. The most replies I receive are " Thank you for the card, you made my day! That speaks a million. And it makes me feel like I reached out to someone who need it! I hope you received another idea from this post......again at anytime let me know if I can help you do the same.........OK now, I have to make another blog for today!

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