Monday, October 4, 2010

Customer thank You cards!

Hello everyone day 4.....yay! I know you may be thinking how can you cover 31 days on the topic of greeting cards? Well, I can cover this topic because there are so many ways you can utilize using greeting cards again in your life. Greeting cards always put a smile on some one's face. How do you feel when you receive a greeting card ? I have sent out so many "heartfelt cards" just to make some one's day and the card speaks for it's self. I have people call me just to say thanks you for the card, it made there day. Specially when you come home from work , and all you see is bills and advertisements!

For today's topic " Customer thank you cards" how to use them for your business. As a business owner your first priority should always be your customer. Why, because they took the time to purchase what you had to sell them. They choose you! And in return you should pay it forward to customer and send them "a thank you card, "a I appreciate you card", a heartfelt just because card", "a birthday card," and most definitely a Christmas/News Years card! You do not want to send your client a card with your business info inside the card....No sale pitches!

If at any time you want to learn how to use all these idea's. Please contact me and I will let you know how. Tomorrow's topic will cover "Employee Training using greeting cards!

Until tomorrow hope you found some idea's here today. Chow

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