Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greeting Cards VS E-mail and E-cards!

Hello To Everyone,
My name is Donna and this is my first blog ever....So may you can cut
me a little I think I will do good with this since really all it
is about is writing . Writing is one of the things I liked in school!
OK let me get started. First you are probably wondering about the
title ... Well, my entire blog will be about greeting cards, and how they
can play a important part in your life! Let me ask you a question?
Within the last month "September" 2010. How many greeting cards
have you actually sent out? On the average about two to three
at the most, or less. Now, how many e-cards have you sent out
within the last month? And e-mails that were heart felt to some
one special? E-cards are sent out through your computer, because
it is "free" most of the time, and quick to use. People like simple, easy and
fast....Specially in today's world. E-mails are barely being read anymore.
So if you "thanked" a customer or client through e-mail, they may not
even receive it. We need to go back to the "old" school and use
Greeting Cards again. Let me explain why 99% of people do not
utilize greeting cards. For one it is time consuming. We work,
take care of our children, and just do not go to the store
to buy cards. I mean your favorite grocery store even carries
greeting cards, because the average consumer goes grocery shopping, so
what a better way , than to pick a greeting card at your local grocery
store. I go to the grocery about every two weeks and I always pass the
greeting card aisle and I rarely see anyone in the the card section.
So, I wonder why. What is going on? let's focus on this tomorrow.