Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's See How Greeting Cards Can Help You!

Today is day 3 of how to utilize greeting cards into your personal life or professional life. How it can help touch the lives of others.......So, you may be thinking how can a greeting card help me in my
personal and or professional life. I can answer that question. For the business professional we will call this topic " T.O.M.A.. What does that stay for? Top Of Mind Awareness which means staying
in front of your clients/customers on a regular basis. By sending a card to your client at least six times a year can do wonders for you and the relationship with your client. So many business professionals do not stay in touch with their client's on a regular basis. They make their sale and move on to the next sale. Example here is a brief story of how a greeting cards helped a car sales man in his success with selling cars and being top sales earner with the most referrals from his clients. His name is Joe and he always felt that by sending out heart felt cards to his clients that it would make him stand out for the rest of his colleges. Joe remembered birthday's, anniversaries, the day the customer purchased their new car, he even sent out "just because I am thinking of you cards on a regular basis. And never not once mentioning his business sales pitch!!!! And his way was by writing out each card....;) But, now you can try his method by using a laptop or a desk top computer!!!!!!
More reasons to use greeting cards tomorrow.......


  1. Came across you blog from the 30 day challenge. I like the idea of business people keeping in touch with clients. I know I would be impressed if someone I dealt with sent me a card just because.

    SN: I use blogger and I can not figure out how to get the tool that is next to the time stamp on your postings. I have looked everywhere. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

  2. I think it's a good idea to stay in touch with clients. And going the extra step to send a snail mail card is the kind of thing that stands out because so many people send online greetings.