Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family members who rarely receive greeting cards in the mail!

Today I am going discuss family members who rarely receive a a greeting card in the mail. And that is our "children". Whether they are 4 to 18 years old. The most a our children ever see a greeting card is normally on birthdays and Christmas....and that is a maybe. Because a Christmas
card is usually sent to the entire family. Let me share with you what I card I sent to my 6 year old little girl before she stared kindergarten. The front of the card had a tiger on it......And the card read on the front.....Go Get "em Tiger! And the inside I got to type any thing I wanted too. When the mail man brought the card and I gave it to her, her whole face lit up with a big smile....not only did she receive mail....but it was for her....She loved the card, and I still have it on top of the television. Or you can just send a just because card to your child or teen to make their day! Make your child feel "extra" special and send that card today.......

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