Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Hi everyone,
Well, I really wanted to complete this blog challenge....because I HAVE SO MANY DIFFERENT idea's for the usage of greeting cards and post cards. And how you can benefit from them in your personal life and business. But since I only have 2 followers, I guess my topic is not of interest to most. And no comments but one!!!!! But for those of you who did follow my thanks a bunch!

I know that there are other things to blog about...but greeting cards is my passion!
Thanks again

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family members who rarely receive greeting cards in the mail!

Today I am going discuss family members who rarely receive a a greeting card in the mail. And that is our "children". Whether they are 4 to 18 years old. The most a our children ever see a greeting card is normally on birthdays and Christmas....and that is a maybe. Because a Christmas
card is usually sent to the entire family. Let me share with you what I card I sent to my 6 year old little girl before she stared kindergarten. The front of the card had a tiger on it......And the card read on the front.....Go Get "em Tiger! And the inside I got to type any thing I wanted too. When the mail man brought the card and I gave it to her, her whole face lit up with a big smile....not only did she receive mail....but it was for her....She loved the card, and I still have it on top of the television. Or you can just send a just because card to your child or teen to make their day! Make your child feel "extra" special and send that card today.......

Your true "Inventory" are People!

Hello everyone,
Your truest inventory is definitely your clients and customers. And by using greeting cards to
help each and everyone of them feel special, e-mailing them is not the answer, because there are
too many people who return home after a hard days work and they barely check e-mails. Get and stay in touch with your true inventory your customers and clients through a personal heartfelt card.....straight to their "mailbox"! Makes a world of a difference.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Touching someone's Heart vs their Wallet!

Hello Everyone ,
Alright I made it.....ha ha. I was not going to forget today! Do you know that people like to be thought of on a everyday basis? Yes, it is true......well don't you like to be thought of? Sending a
card to someone that is really heart felt and you are a business owner that does not send a card to benefit you......that makes the customer feel you are thinking of them.... and not trying to have a sale's pitch going on , and trying to get to their "wallet"! Good tip on this day!
See you tomorrow.........amazing what you can do with the power of greeting is worth it!

Random Acts of Kindness Using Greeting Cards!

O my gosh, I missed blogging yesterday for the 7Th....sorry! I created the most "fun" greeting cards yesterday for my daughter's two teachers who are leaving the school on the 15Th...;( Random acts of kindness is a special way to reach out your hand, and give to others. Boy, just think if we did that more in our lives everyone can be enlightening! I send out greeting cards to perfect strangers. And for the most part it is very rewarding. You heard of giving out to the universe comes back to you 100 fold. And it does. The response others give to me are so warm hearted. The most replies I receive are " Thank you for the card, you made my day! That speaks a million. And it makes me feel like I reached out to someone who need it! I hope you received another idea from this post......again at anytime let me know if I can help you do the same.........OK now, I have to make another blog for today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Following your Promptings!

Hello Everyone,
Today is day 6 of my blog....I hope today you like this post. Promptings, what is that and what does it have to do with greeting cards? Well, a prompting is when you think of something you want to do and act on it right away. For instance you think about purchasing a greeting card for a birthday and something else distracts you through out your day, and then you totally forget
about that birthday card you meant to purchase. I can show you a way to remember your promptings and never be late again for any occasion. A very convenient way to act on your promptings! I hope I helped you think about what promptings really mean.
Till tomorrow my friend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Empolyee Training Using Greeting Cards!

Hello to everyone,
Today is day 5 in my blog.....and I am determined to write everyday day till the 31st. This blog will be short and simple. If you are a business owner and you have employees in your company, you want to show your employees how to send out heartfelt cards to your clients. Sending out heartfelt cards can make your clients feel really special. Referrals from your customers can easily
come into the picture if your clients feel appreciated. It is about the customer, the extra mile you and your company are willing to travel to show you care about them. Tomorrow the topic will be
"Following your Promptings"! Until then have a productive day. Show someone you are thinking
of them....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Customer thank You cards!

Hello everyone day 4.....yay! I know you may be thinking how can you cover 31 days on the topic of greeting cards? Well, I can cover this topic because there are so many ways you can utilize using greeting cards again in your life. Greeting cards always put a smile on some one's face. How do you feel when you receive a greeting card ? I have sent out so many "heartfelt cards" just to make some one's day and the card speaks for it's self. I have people call me just to say thanks you for the card, it made there day. Specially when you come home from work , and all you see is bills and advertisements!

For today's topic " Customer thank you cards" how to use them for your business. As a business owner your first priority should always be your customer. Why, because they took the time to purchase what you had to sell them. They choose you! And in return you should pay it forward to customer and send them "a thank you card, "a I appreciate you card", a heartfelt just because card", "a birthday card," and most definitely a Christmas/News Years card! You do not want to send your client a card with your business info inside the card....No sale pitches!

If at any time you want to learn how to use all these idea's. Please contact me and I will let you know how. Tomorrow's topic will cover "Employee Training using greeting cards!

Until tomorrow hope you found some idea's here today. Chow

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's See How Greeting Cards Can Help You!

Today is day 3 of how to utilize greeting cards into your personal life or professional life. How it can help touch the lives of others.......So, you may be thinking how can a greeting card help me in my
personal and or professional life. I can answer that question. For the business professional we will call this topic " T.O.M.A.. What does that stay for? Top Of Mind Awareness which means staying
in front of your clients/customers on a regular basis. By sending a card to your client at least six times a year can do wonders for you and the relationship with your client. So many business professionals do not stay in touch with their client's on a regular basis. They make their sale and move on to the next sale. Example here is a brief story of how a greeting cards helped a car sales man in his success with selling cars and being top sales earner with the most referrals from his clients. His name is Joe and he always felt that by sending out heart felt cards to his clients that it would make him stand out for the rest of his colleges. Joe remembered birthday's, anniversaries, the day the customer purchased their new car, he even sent out "just because I am thinking of you cards on a regular basis. And never not once mentioning his business sales pitch!!!! And his way was by writing out each card....;) But, now you can try his method by using a laptop or a desk top computer!!!!!!
More reasons to use greeting cards tomorrow.......

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hey everyone,
Today is day two to talk about greeting cards and why we need to go back to using them, over
using e-mail and e-cards. We have become so use to e-mailing everything , even greeting cards by the use of e-cards. I had asked a few people what were the biggest reason' s they really do not use greeting cards anymore. And the replies were all about the same. It was starting to become a "inconvenience" time consuming to actually go look for a card. To busy and
always forgetting birthdays. Have we become so "Internet" consumed? And you are probably
wondering why I have the image at the top of my blog that reads " Gourmet gifts".....and what does the picture have to do with greeting cards. Well. just think about it, most of the time when you go buy a greeting card for the birthday or for that special occasion you need a gift right?
Wonder if there was a way you could add a gift with a personalized card to send to family and friends or even clients you may have . I am going to be able to give you a lot of ideas and reasons to go back to using greeting cards again . Until tomorrow my friends!